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December 10-13

Chima Onyekwere

A born Innovator, (Chief) Chima Uzoma Apugo Onyekwere, OON, championed the internet revolution in Nigeria by establishing the first Internet Service providing (ISP) company Linkserve Limited which earned him the sobriquet “Father of Nigerian Internet” by the Federal Government of Nigeria cited during his conferment in 2008. He also received the Pathfinder Award in ICT, ICT personality of the year, Titan of Technology and so many other awards industry awards over a thirty (30) Years career.

He has also funded other companies such as, Well Drill Limited and Parkhill Limited which has provided employment and stability to lots of Nigerians from across the Nigerian landscape.

In 2007, he was nominated for the conferment of a National Award by the Presidency for his pioneering work in ICT. On February 14th 2008, then President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, President Musa Yar’Adua Awarded him the prestigious National honour of OFFICER OF THE ORDER OF NIGER (OON).

Chima has served and is still serving Nigeria in so many High-Profile Boards such as Chairman Internet exchange Point and Chairman Board of Trustee of Nigeria Internet Registration Authority He also served as a pioneer board member of FATE Foundation (an NGO involved in the development of entrepreneurs focusing on younger generation).

(Chief) Chima Uzoma Apugo Onyekwere, OON hails from Amachara in Umuahia South Local Government of Abia State. He attended the elite Federal Government College, Kano, which unwittingly served as a first level learning platform in understanding and appreciating Nigeria’s fundamental complexities and the character and personalities of the major actors in the Nigerian political drama. He further obtained a degree from University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University. A Masters in Information Technology- Information Assurance from UMUC. A post graduate professional management education for Chief Executives from Lagos Business School Lagos State and Harvard Business School, Boston USA. He is an active and effective Alumni of both Business Schools, and their very rich pool of contacts and opportunities that can be harvested in the service of our Nation. These are part of the formidable academic armory Chima secured.

He Started his working career in Mobil in the Exploration Department. But driven by his quest to explore the emerging opportunities in the nascent Information Technology Industry he established and ran Saap-Tech Nigeria Limited in 1986, which was a technology distribution Company and a pioneer company and leader in ICT from then onwards.

He also served as a President General of his elite school Federal Government College Kano Old Students Association.



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